born in the city of Allentown, Cory Shelly spent his formative years in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania.  In the small town of liberty just north of Williamsport.  It was there that his love of music was cultivated,  at the age of 13 he first picked up the guitar and shortly after started writing and performing.

Cory spent his early 20's working throughout allentown and bethlehem pa.  performing with musical projects varying from funk to bluegrass.

 Fast forward to Oct. 7 2016 Cory released his debut album "Hope For The Broken".  Which in his own words is "A collection of songs filled with hope and peace in a world where people are constantly bombarded by fear and pain."

roughly six months following the release of "Hope For The Broken" Cory released The EP "Oh Marie" on March 22, 2017.  A five track folk record that celebrates love, life and the pursuit of one beautiful woman.